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Chad Lindberg Teams up with PRISM Colorado

Last month, PRISM Colorado had the honor of hosting Chad Lindberg and the folks at Rodz and Bodz Museum for an investigation at the Holy Cross Abbey in Canon City, CO. We ended up chatting with Chad at the Paranormal Convention back in December, and decided to set something up while he was in town. Turns out, Chad is one of the most fun genuine humans that I’ve met! He’s done everything from Ghost Stalkers & Supernatural to the Fast and the Furious. Personally, I enjoyed I Spit on Your Grave a whole lot, even though it’s a tough watch. Needless to say, we were really excited to have this opportunity.

The first time I investigated the Abbey it was super duper quiet. It was a fun night but even being in the pitch black potato cellar by myself didn’t scare me, and I live to be scared! Fingers and toes were crossed that we had a more active night for the event since we had so many people who hadn't ever investigated before. Chad and the gang arrived around 7PM and Audrey, Janessa & I were ready! I’d never hosted an investigation with a group that big but there is something to be said for having different energies there to stir things up. It it turns out all of Chad’s friends were just as cool as Chad. Once everyone got there and got settled Chad jumped in with some great advice for everyone (video below, because everyone should hear it!) and then we got started.

Even though the first time I was here it was dead, this night was totally different. We had some amazing responses from the Phasma Box, some REM Pod activity & almost everyone had their own personal experiences, which are priceless! Chad & Janessa heard a woman's disembodied voice on the Fourth Floor when it was just the two of them up there. Down in the basement there were multiple voices that came through the Phasma that said they didn't like one of the girls in the group. I'm sure that was a little unnerving for her, but definitely made for a spooky atmosphere for everyone! It’s always interesting how locations can go from quiet one night, to crazy on another. That’s probably one of the hardest things about being an investigator.

My own experience was very intense. After everyone had left, Audrey, Janessa and I decided to stay for a little while after. Sean (a psychic medium) joined us in the basement and explained that there's something not-so-nice that hangs around there. The potato cellar where I felt nothing last time had taken on a whole new energy. There was definitely something aggressive that we could all feel charging at us. I didn’t feel right for days after interacting with whatever was down there…which never really happens to me on investigations. There's also a spirit who will whistle back at you in the basement, and we finally had it happen. We were all pretty darn thrilled.

Overall, we had a wonderful time with everyone and hope to be able to host another in the future. Below is a video of some of the evidence we caught.

We also couldn't have done this without Dennis! He's the best (and no we didn't wear Ghostbusters outfits the whole time).




Thank you for exploring the unknown with me!

Have you ever experienced something that you couldn't explain? Was there ever a time where you thought, "maybe that's paranormal"? 

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