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Haunted West Virginia: Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

So, I’ve taken another hiatus even though I said I wouldn’t...but this time I’m REALLY going to try not to. One just never knows how crazy life is going to be.

Speaking of crazy, I just spent a night in one of the most haunted locations in America! Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had!. There’s been many articles and Paranormal Shows that have shared the history, so I won’t get into too much detail there, but check out this website for a pretty detailed overview. Basically, this place started with very good intentions, and ended in tragedy.

Last week, I set off for the 24+ hour car ride with a nice mash-up of Haunter Paranormal & PRISM Colorado. The drive was rough, but we had fun. Weston, WV is a very small town and we didn’t spend too much time there except to see the asylum.

On Sunday, the day before the investigation, our group decided to do a couple of different tours. I chose to opt out of the paranormal tour and did the criminally insane & historical tours. When I go into investigations, I don’t want to know too much about specific spirits that people think are there. In my humble opinion, that get’s people hyper focused on specific things that might happen, rather than just going with the flow. Both tours were great & very informative. It’s very strange to say, but the building during the day feels almost peaceful. It’s full of natural lighting, and so quiet. Also, very massive. I cannot stress that enough. After walking around the buildings during the day time I was super ready for the investigation!

Monday night we arrived, set up and were eager to get started. We had a wonderful guide for the night, Rhia, and she helped us set up our equipment in the best “hot spots”. The 8 of us split off into groups and went to different parts of the building, and holy cannolis! This place is wild!!!

Experiences within the infamy:

  • In “Lily’s” room, we weren’t getting any action, but the three of us felt like we were being watched from the hallway. I got up to go look out the doorway, and tried talking to whoever might be there. There was a small “ting” from down the hallway in response to my question, and I asked that they do it again to let me know they were there. As soon as I asked, the “ting” happened again. Except it was right by me, so I got a little spooked. Here’s the video clip since we were on Instagram live!

  • Moments later Holly, Audrey and I went out into the hallway to try and communicate more. As we were standing there, Audrey heard a noise and pointed towards the nurses station. We all stopped and looked behind us. Out of nowhere Holly’s lid to her flashlight (which was in her backpack in the other room) came flying and hit the floor in front of us. That was probably one of the craziest things I’ve ever experienced.

  • I wandered off alone at one point, and could hear footsteps (some caught on IG Live) and a strange noise from the room next to me, which made me jump.

  • There were so many footsteps, weird movements in peripheral vision, and knocking.

  • Two other members had strange mimic-like experiences in Dean’s room. Dean was most likely autistic and was brutally murdered.

  • Holly and I ventured off into the “decrepit room”, which is an area that not too many people investigate. The first level we played with the phasma box and weren’t getting too much so we decided to go down to the second level. We opened the door and the second we did we both felt a very strong, not very nice energy. It was like walking into a brick wall. So of course we ventured in! We could feel someone standing behind us, while there were noises in front of us. We caught some interesting stuff on the phasma box too. That was probably the most scared I was all night. Sitting there on the floor I was absolutely terrified & frozen in place. We eventually decided to get up and try and see the lobotomy room before we had to start tearing down. We found it, but also got lost in the meantime. Lost in an asylum at 4AM with Holly was such a fun experience.

Overall, I really enjoyed this trip. Amazing time, with amazing people! Hopefully I’ll have some amazing evidence to share. Check out @haunterparanormal, @prismcolorado & @paranormalprincess7 on Instagram.

If you're ever in the area:

By the way, There is also an amazing little shop in Weston called Appalachian Oddities! The owners are very kind and have some really neat things in the shop. Make sure you check them out if you’re passing through.




Thank you for exploring the unknown with me!

Have you ever experienced something that you couldn't explain? Was there ever a time where you thought, "maybe that's paranormal"? 

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