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The Inner Robot

Since I’ve felt uninspired by the current state of the paranormal field, I guess I’m walking the line between paranormal and philosophy here, so I’m sorry if that isn’t what you came for.

In a world where we are living in front of screens, melting our minds with the ever present need to be constantly connected to the world and everyone around us, it’s hard to be connected to what really matters. When is the last time you went and sat in the grass without your phone? Do you panic when you can’t find it or when you haven’t responded to someone within minutes? I'm most certainly guilty of these things and find myself missing the days when we didn't feel pressured to be available 24/7. Lately I’ve been thinking about how terribly unhealthy it is. Especially as I’m revisiting some of the older parapsychologists & existentialists. We are inherently free & capable beings, and what are we doing with it? Chasing clout and numbers and views and brags and boasts…the paranormal is much bigger than that. Everything is.

I was listening to an interview with Colin Wilson, and what he said really stuck with me. He says;

“We have inside us what I call the robot. It’s a sort of robot valet, or servant, who does things for you. So, you learn something like talking French or driving a car or skiing or whatever…painfully unconsciously step by step, then the robot takes it over and does it far more quickly and efficiently then you could do it consciously….Now the problem is the robot does all these valuable things for us, like talking French, and the trouble is he also does things we do NOT want him to do. We listen to a piece of music, it moves us deeply the first time, we read a poem, go on a country walk etc. but the second or third time you do it, the robot is listening to the music or reading the poetry…This is a real problem that the robot keeps taking us over and doing the things that we would rather do.”

I reference this because I feel like this is where we are as a society. Glued to screens and fighting the invisible algorithm to be seen and receive validation. We are so overloaded with stimulation and information and the essential parts of ourselves are left abandoned. When we have such intense tunnel vision, we can’t see or connect with what is around us. We often hear the jokes about being in autopilot, but I think we are so deep in it that we don't even realize it. What does this have to do with the paranormal you ask? Let’s continue.

Wilson also says;

“I recognize that the answer lies in crisis. You see, we feel really alive when we are in what you might call “All Systems Go” states. If you can actually get yourself into this state where adrenaline is flooding in. When, you know, you’re really intensely concentrated on something, then you feel fully alive. Our problem is we are always falling below that level. And what’s more, as soon as you place us in a pleasant situation, where we should be extremely happy in theory, immediately everything drops, and quite suddenly instead of being happy in the pleasant situation, we’re happy for a few seconds and then we’re bored….Now the way I’d express is this: Human beings are what you might call 49% real you (the essence and the freewill) and 51% robot. So the robot slightly always overbalance the real you.”

Now, in these moments that Mr. Wilson is referring to, when our bodies & minds are in an “All Systems Go” state, do our minds open up to other planes? Is our awareness opening or closing in these moments? Maybe it's different for each individual. But I believe that in the heightened states of emotion we leave a mark on the world around us. Especially if there are natural elements around that tend to absorb said energy. The Stone Tape Theory has been around for a long time. I find it fascinating, as well as a possible explanation for some hauntings/strange experiences. It makes sense that when the energy something or someone puts out is so strong, that it is able to be felt by others who are connected to the world around them.

The feeling of “feeling alive” whether it be due to pure bliss or pure fear is essentially the same. They display an important polarity. Opposites are identical in nature, but different by degree. In an energetic sense, pure bliss and pure fear are essentially the same. I feel most alive when I'm scared, to be honest. Maybe that's why I have such an intense interest in the paranormal.

I think when we are not living in a world of social media and the internet, we are more inclined to have paranormal-like experiences. Our awareness is more awake, and we are more in tune with our environment. Even when we are not in a state of extremes and we are just…living in the real world and looking into what actually matters, we are inclined to discover more about the other planes of existence.

And just HAPPIER OVERALL. Go out and touch some grass. Stop scrolling for a little while. And especially, stop putting out clickbait videos.



Thank you for exploring the unknown with me!

Have you ever experienced something that you couldn't explain? Was there ever a time where you thought, "maybe that's paranormal"? 

You're not the only one! Follow along on my adventure as I try to discover the truth about life after death!

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