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The Blackwell Ghost...Documentary?

Well, I was very surprised by this one! Thinking I'd be getting another Paranormal Activity rip off, I definitely went in with low expectations.  You can read the summary on your own, but the film is marketed as a real documentary and is only 59 minutes. This definitely got the side eye from me, but in the end, the length actually worked in the film's favor. 

There are apparently 6 more movies after this, which is kind of disappointing. I didn't know this until after I watched. I'll probably give them a chance, but more often than not, sequels to these types of films don't bring much to the table.



The Good:

-  Clay was a really likeable guy. I'd go ghost hunting with him. 

- The people telling him about their paranormal experiences didn't seem like total nutters. 

- The build up and climax of the film felt very natural. I wasn't let down at all. Often times FF paranormal movies follow the same unrealistic script. This movie felt like it could actually happen...and is what I'd want to happen on an investigation!

- The basement scenes were super spooky. I was SWEATING when he had to go find the breaker box with no power. 

- The ending. There wasn't some crazy possession or black eyed, big mouthed ghost. It just ends with him telling you to go try something that scares you. I'm all for that. 


The Yuck:

- I don't have much to add in this category. I just get tired of people marketing paranormal movies as real. Obviously, this is a mockumetary. They did a good job making it believable because people on the internet have argued about the authenticity over the years.  The issue for me is that people are stupid, and believe everything. Someone out there has probably used this as a reference for "real events".

4/5 Bones



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