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Las Vegas Para-Unity Convention!

Wow, where do I even begin to describe how much fun I had on this trip! With the state of the world, I was admittedly nervous to be around large groups of people, but ended up having a wonderful few days and avoided catching the Big C.

The first day we arrived, Audrey and I got into Vegas super early and the MGM let us check in early, thank goodness. We walked around Vegas and met up with the rest of the PRISM/Haunter team members coming in, but the real fun didn’t start until the next day. I couldn’t wait to get to bed because the next day we were all visiting…ZAK BAGANS HAUNTED MUSEUM! Ya’ll know I’m crazy for that place. It was amazing as always (see my previous posts for more in depth talks about the museum). This time we did the VIP tour, which I’d say is definitely worth it. You get access to the basement, which right there makes it worth it. You also have a chance to go in and chill with some super creepy, haunted dolls.

There were some new exhibits which were great, and some of my old favorites.

Of course I couldn’t wait to get back and see Peggy! This time Holly and I asked if she had anything to say, and she was quiet. But, as we walked away we heard “Wait!” so I came back and she called me a b*tch. It was great. No matter what nasty things she says, I still feel a weird connection with her, and given the chance I would absolutely hold her.

After the VIP tour, we were all wandering around the gift shop area when a bunch of the team spotted Zak Bagans outside. I missed him and just about collapsed in a pool of my own tears because I’ve wanted to meet him for so many years. My friends are the best, though, and somehow managed to coordinate him coming out to meet me. I could hardly get words out and I forgot to take off my mask for the photo because I was dying inside. But, it was still one of the best moments of my life!! Zak gets a bad rep, but he was nice enough to all of us. He moved quickly, but he still signed my book and took a picture with me. I look like SUCH a #dweeb though. The security guard who was also super nice said he hasn’t seen him do that before, so that makes me a happy #paranormalprincess.

Big shout out to all the employees at the Museum. Zak has hired a wonderful staff and we loved ALL of them.


Back to the actual convention. That evening, we found out the VIP dinner was canceled, but that people were still meeting down at the bar for drinks so we went to hang out, and had the best night. We got to hang out with the Destination Fear crew, the Ghost Brothers, Ghost Hunters & our new friend Billy!!! They were all so fun and let us buy them drinks and talk about the paranormal. Very cool to be able to buy drinks for your childhood heroes.

I’m disappointed the VIP dinner was canceled but in the end this was way more fun. Everyone was so unbelievably nice & welcoming I can’t believe it.

The #hangover the next day was unreal, though. If you haven’t been to #Vegas, let me warn you. It is a huge deal to get anywhere, even just for food. Ten times worse when you’re hungover.

The convention itself didn’t have a great turn out and there weren’t too many interesting things, to be honest. The celebrities were all great, but apparently didn’t get paid for being there, as the organizer dropped the ball big time. As of now many people have received their funds back for the VIP dinner either.

Meeting all sorts of #iconic ghost hunters was amazing, but I couldn't help myself. When in Vegas, what do you do? The correct answer is return to the haunted museum, (I'm okay with knowing that I'm obsessed lol)

Spending the night at Zak Bagan's Haunted Museum:

The other highlight of the trip was Holly and I being able to investigate at Zak Bagan’s museum! It costs $200, and it’s for barely 2 hours…but it’s worth it. You get to go off on your own, which is pretty incredible. 10/10 would do it again. A few cool things that happened while we were off alone:

  • Holly was touched in the hallway near the puppets room.

  • Something was using the Mel Meter to communicate directly with us in the room with the Devil’s Rocking Chair, and we got the most intense response when we asked if it liked the Warrens

  • Hung out with Peggy the Doll and I swear something rushed up on me. I couldn’t see it but I could feel it standing so close. It was very uncomfy.

  • Heard footsteps coming towards us in the basement.

Can’t wait for more adventures this year. I’ll keep you posted!!!




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